On occasion, it is appropriate or required to present our logo alongside a partner’s logo. There are two formats for presenting the Topcon logo alongside a partner logo, determined by the orientation of the partner logo design and whether the space needed is tall or wide. In either case, the Topcon logo and partner logo should be equally matched in proportions, and separated evenly by a thin vertical line.

Topcon logo anatomy

Logo variations

Topcon first combination, wide logo

When Topcon is the driver of the communication, the Topcon logo comes first to give prominence to our branding.

Topcon second combination, wide logo

In partner dominant communications, the partner brand can be featured first. The Topcon logo should remain optically equal in size.

Topcon first combination, tall logo

The tall logo combination is used to co-brand with a partner when the accompanying logo is designed in a portrait orientation. The logos should be of equal height and separated with even spacing.

Topcon second combination, tall logo

Similar to the wide logo combination lock-up, when the dealer logo is dominant, the Topcon logo should remain optically equal in size and evenly spaced either side of the dividing line.

Clear space

A minimum area of white space surrounding the logo, known as the clear space or protected space is utilized to maintain the independence of the logo for optimal legibility and emphasis.

Wide logo - Clear space

The wide logo co-branding lock-up must have consistent clear space surrounding both logomarks that is equal to or greater than half of the height of the Topcon wordmark on all sides. Equal spacing must be maintained either side of the ruled line separating the logo, and outer guides should be adjusted to accommodate the width of the dealer logo.

Wide logo - Clear space

The tall logo lock-up must have a clear space surrounding the logo that is equal to or greater than the height of "TOPCON" regardless of the size of the lock-up size.

Logo color

Multi-color (preferred)

Topcon’s primary colors are blue, black, and white. Our primary color, Topcon Blue, expresses a feeling of dependability and is representative of our passion for innovation. It is preferred to show the two-color version of our logo whenever possible.

Blue symbol, black wordmark

On light backgrounds, the blue and black version of our logo is preferred.

Blue symbol, white wordmark

On dark backgrounds, the blue and white version of our logo is preferred.


In circumstances where there is not enough contrast to use the two-color version or when printing only allows for one color, the Topcon logo may be used in either all white or all black.

All black

All white