Brand foundations

Our purpose

A brand’s purpose is its why? It’s the underlying reason for being. Based upon the corporate tagline of “Topcon for Human Life”, we crafted the following statement to define our “Why”.

Everyone is entitled to a good quality of life. Now, and into the future. Access to sustainable food systems, roads, housing, and transportation are essential to thrive. At Topcon, we believe we can enhance people’s lives by empowering infrastructure and agriculture to support the demands of our growing world.

Our vision

The vision statement will not change as it is the foundation of our company. The vision should reflect our reason for being. Our why. It should be very high level and possibly unattainable.

We exist to improve productivity and workflow to meet global demand for sustainable agriculture and infrastructure.

Our mission

The mission statement describes what we do to support and work toward our vision.

We provide superior end-to-end business solutions for the surveying, agriculture, construction and mining industries by integrating high-precision measurement technology, software and data.

Our values

Topcon has four core values that are essential for each employee to possess. Topcon only hires prospective candidates who possess these same values. Employees are evaluated on their ability to demonstrate our values in their everyday work tasks.


We call our Topcon values “RISE”, an easy-to-remember acronym that stands for Responsible, Innovative, Supportive, and Ethical. When we work with these shared values in unified collaboration, not only will business results soar, but we all will rise.


We own our work and strive to exceed expectations.


We don’t wait for the future. We invent it.


We invite collaboration and foster communicate in all areas.


In everything that we do, we strive to do the right thing.