Release Notes

Published on
May 16, 2024

This next update to our Brand HUB brings a handful of exciting new improvements, guidelines, and templates specifically around icons and advertising. Below you’ll find a full breakdown of the changes. 


  • Corporate logo (Brand Assets> Logo):
    • Added text stating that approval from the corporate brand team is required to use the brand symbol alone.
    • “Logo downloads” section added underneath “Logo variations” section
    • Additional guidance has been added to the “Logo placement” section
  • Icons (Under Brand Assets):
    • Brand icons
      • Graphic for “icons in shapes” have been converted to black and white. Actual styling of icon containers are determined by the specific templates, but remains otherwise open for creative freedom.
      • Graphics for “icon color” have updated and guidelines have changed for the correct use of color
      • Graphics have updated for “icon sizing”
      • The “Google Material Icon Library” section has been updated to match the updated Materials Design website UI and URL
    • Software icons
      • Updated main image to include more accurate representations of our software brand icons. A new, rounded square container has been included as part of all software icons.
    • User-interface icons
      • The “Google Material Icon Library” section has been updated to match the updated Materials Design website UI and URL
  • Advertisements (Under Brand in Action): This page has been completely re-structured and new content has been added for print advertising as well as imagery treatments. Links have been added to access templates directly for members of the creative team.

Templates for print and digital advertising, along with social media graphics, are now available on our internal Brand HUB. These resources are specifically designed for Topcon's creative team to facilitate the creation of high-quality designs that maintain a consistent aesthetic across various mediums.


In our first release of the new year, we are bringing a lot of new additions to the Brand HUB. There are multiple new pages as well as some updates to existing pages. Below you’ll find a full breakdown of the changes.

New pages 

  • Co-branding (under Logo): This page has been migrated from the previous brand guidelines and contains refreshed visuals along with additional guidance for color, clear space, and the tall version of the logo.  
  • Dealer branding (under Logo): Featuring a re-design of our Authoriz(s)ed Dealer logo, this page outlines a variety of dealer branding elements including wide and tall versions that can be used depending on the dealer logo design.
  • System typeface (under Typography): Guidelines for which font to use for all company correspondence like emails, letters, faxes, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents
  • Product typeface (under Typography): Guidelines for typography as it’s used in product and application design. This is an external link that redirects to Topcon’s user-interface design guidelines.
  • Tradeshows (under Events): An all-new page created to provide guidance when designing for tradeshows including creative approach, booth anatomy, do’s and don’ts, as well as a gallery of both infrastructure and agriculture shows. Note – Two additional items appear under “Events” which are items coming soon, but not available yet.
  • Facility branding: This new paged documents high-level brand elements to be considered for any Topcon facility branding project such as exterior logos, signs, and interior paint colors. More will be added to this page in future releases.
  • UI design: This external link will bring you to the homepage of our Web Component Library. Primarily an internal tool, this resource will provide necessary guidance and resources to design Topcon apps and software in accordance with our design system. Topcon SSO is required for access.

Changes to existing pages

  • Brand personality: Moved “Brand pyramid” section to the top
  • Brand language: Moved the “Writing principles” section to the top, added a “Topcon terminology” section to the bottom, updated guidelines around the term “WiFi”.
  • Corporate logo (under Logo): Added additional item under “Guidance” that indicates to not use the Topcon logo as a word within a sentence
  • Brand typeface (under Typography): Added a description to “Weights and styles”, added guidelines around character limits for body copy
  • Usage (under Typography): Added supporting images to “Text color and accessibility” section, added a do’s and don’ts guidance section

This new release brings a wide variety of new elements to our online brand guidelines.

Homepage and Launch Video

The first thing you'll notice is the addition of an all-new homepage where you can find quick links to some other new additions such as a News and Launches blog area and Resources. You'll also notice a nice vibrant banner with a video. All of us on Topcon's Corporate Brand and Communications team are excited to share this video which highlights all the amazing new additions and changes that have been made to our brand identity system over the past year plus. We encourage you to share this video with your teams to ensure we are all taking advantage of the new brand system.

News and Launches

With this new release we're also introducing an area where we can share blog posts on various news and launches as they relate to our brand. This section will highlight things like new corporate themes, campaigns, brand systems, and more. Bookmark the brand guidelines and check-in regularly to see what's new!


Some of you may notice that our online brand guidelines is a lot slimmer than it used to be and that's because it is! We've intentionally made this new version of our brand guides leaner to make it easier for the vast number of content creators that Topcon employs to discover and reference the guidelines that most relate to the work they do. All in-depth guidelines for messaging and creative have been moved off our public guidelines and relocated to an internal space and made available to all of those who need access. By removing all of these detailed guidelines that only relate to a small percentage of people, we allow our brand guidelines to be much simpler and easier to navigate.


For some sections of the guidelines, you'll notice a new search bar at the top of the left navigation. This feature has been added to make it easier to search for items on our navigation that are hidden within the toggle menus. Simply type a term into the search bar and it will search through these sub-menu items and only show those with matching terms.

Coming Soon

You'll also notice several areas on the guidelines with grayed out items that are coming soon. This is to provide everyone with an idea of what items are currently being worked on by our Corporate Brand team. If you have questions about something and don't see it listed anywhere, please reach out to us at

Color Proportions

The color proportions section on the Color page has been completed and now provides color ratios for corporate brand, positioning, and agriculture.

Published on
December 2, 2022

In order to better clarify how our brand icons should and should not be used, additional guidelines have been added to the Brand Icons section. Specifically, guidelines have been created around:

  • Icon usage in shapes
  • Icon color usage
  • Icon sizing and proportion

Additionally, a section has been added to the bottom of the Brand Icons section as well as the User-interface Icons section describing where to access additional icons beyond those available within our own icon library. Because our icons are based off of Google's Material Design System, icons that Google has included in their library can be used by Topcon provided the proper steps are taken to ensure brand consistency. These steps, as well as a link to find these icons, are available within these two sections. Please note that the download specifications slightly differ between brand and user-interface icons.


The Corporate Brand team is excited to announce the first release of the new Global Brand Identity System for Topcon Positioning Group. This guideline document is intended for use by the creators within Topcon Positioning Group, its partners, and agencies. You can reference this page for notes on future releases. Each new release will be announced here with notes on new additions to the guidelines or on things that have changed. This first release could be considered a "beta" release as there are still some pages that are still a work in progress. You can expect these pages to be completed by the next release.

For any questions, you can reach out to