Facility branding


The places we work are another expression of our values and our brand. They are an opportunity to reinforce our corporate messaging while creating positive visitor experiences.

While we recognize that each site and building will have their own characteristics, all Topcon Positioning Group properties should adhere to the visual identity elements outlined in this section. Whenever there are plans for new facilities or even renovations, please contact us at brand@topcon.com so that we may provide any necessary assistance.

Exterior logo

We use the wide Topcon logo on external facades in such a manner that has maximum visibility.

Full-color logo

As our new standard for exterior branding, a full-color logo should be used whenever possible. With day/night technology, a blue/black logo should be used during the day time and a blue/white logo used at night through internal illumination.

Brushed metal logo

A bushed metal approach has been used widely across most all Topcon facilities. While this approach still conveys a professional impression, the full-color logo is preferred. With this approach, the logo should be back-lit with blue halo lights.

Site-specific signage

Some buildings will be designated to a specific group, department or business unit. For those, the following treatment has been developed to identify those locations. See examples below.

Monument signs

Some facilities require road signage or additional external signage to indicate a specific facility or address. In these circumstances, a monument sign could serve as an impactful way to identify our building. These are constructed from a variety of metals and stone. If you have a need for a monument sign, please contact the Facilities team.

Temporary signage

In some cases, a temporary sign might be needed for sites under construction or for a grand opening when more permanent signage is not able to be completed in time. Other cases may be for remote or satellite offices where little to no customers visit the location. Wooden boards with printed graphics can be installed and removed easily at lower costs.

Interior paint colors

The color swatches below have been selected as our core color palette for all Topcon facilities globally. Pantone (PMS) and Sherwin-Williams (SW) color code have been provided below which can be used at any paint store for color matching.

Topcon Blue
6959 Blue Chip 176-C1
Dark Gray
Cool Gray 10C
7074 Software 235-C5
Light Gray
Cool Gray 1 C
7661 Reflection 233-C1